Poolsidepreneurs, where the cult of entrepreneurship goes to drown

By Erin Griffith , written on November 21, 2013

From The News Desk

So you're a founder, and you're crushing it 24/7. That's great and all, but what if you could crush it by a pool? What if there was a luxe new way to work?

Anyone who's ever built a company knows the one thing lacking from the long hours spent hunched over a computer coding, the endless slog of VC meetings, the debilitating experience of being told "no" over and over, and the crippling pressure of competition and fear of failure, is a swimming pool.


This is a real thing.

From the site's description:

Poolsidepreneurs is an exclusive, members only club that offers entrepreneurs access to private pools, lounges, and meeting rooms at hotels around the country as a place to work. We want you — our moving and shaking business owners, consultants and freelancers  — to get out of your office (or home) and slip away to a relaxing environment where the creative juices flow and glittering pools and cocktail waitresses abound.
Consider us your luxury pop up office. You’ll gain access to a discreet, upscale solution for mobile workspace and for leveraging your network and professional persona in a luxe setting with amenities that are not met at modern co-working spaces or virtual offices.
In other words, if your existing pimped-out, perk-laden startup office does not scream "new media mogul" enough, how about some hot chicks waiting on you, and other "luxe" stuff? The site's kicker says it all:
Quite Simply: We give you the workspace you deserve.
Hooray for entitlement. I guess luxury hotels are bored of serving the Rich Kids of Instagram, and now want clients who at least pretend to have jobs. I don't think they've ever seen what a busy freelancer or founder's work habits look like. It's a lot more this

than this

Like the startup-focused reality shows, movies, and contests, Poolsidepreneurs glamorizes entrepreneurship. Coders are the new rock stars, etc. But good luck getting taken seriously by, well, anyone, if your startup's headquarters is a half-naked day party.

Memberships to Poolsidepreneurs costs $99 a month for a citywide membership, for which invite requests are now open. A Nationwide Membership and a Luxury Collection which offers access to "the creme de a creme" of hotels will be launching in 2014. Naturally this thing was conceived is starting out in LA, although no hotel partnerships have been named yet. The company has plans to open in 14 markets next year.