Live right now: NSFWCORP is selling everything from its Vegas HQ in a marathon radio call-in show

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on December 2, 2013

From The News Desk

It's happening. Live. Right now. The very last NSFWLIVE radio show, broadcasting for one final time from NSFWCORPHQ.

As you hopefully already know, NSFWCORP was recently acquired by Pando. That means we're moving out of our Las Vegas HQ. Before we go, though, we're selling everything we have left: every laptop, every piece of furniture, every back issue of the NSFWCORP print edition, every remaining Conflict Tower room, every item of NSFWCORP swag... even the NSFWCORP Mustang.

There are no set prices and no reserves: just listen to the show (or follow us on Twitter) and grab anything that takes your fancy. As with previous marathon shows, there's no set finish time -- we'll add ten minutes on to the show for every $100 we raise and we'll keep talking (and selling) for as long as you allow us. Previous -athon shows have clocked in at over 24 hours.

The big difference between this and previous shows (apart from the fact that we're selling everything in the house) is that every penny raised from the sale will go to NSFWCORP freelancers and the brilliant staff who weren't able to come with us to Pando. What we don't sell today will be sent for recycling. This is your big chance to own a piece of very recent indy publishing history.

In addition to the big Selloutathon, we're be welcoming back NSFWCORP contributors past and present, inviting special guests into the studio,  taking music requests… and of course the toll-free call in number (877) 959-6739 will connect you directly to the studio. I particularly encourage you to call in and give me shit for selling out.

I'll be talking a lot about that during the show and what it means for NSFWCORP subscribers. Depending how long the show goes, I might even sign the final legal paperwork live on air. Of course we'll also be talking about pretty much everything else in the world, starting with our ongoing... uh... debate with Glenn Greenwald. Who knows, maybe we can convince Glenn to call in.

Even if you don't want to buy a laptop for ten dollars or a avocado green Mustang for 50c (these may not be the actual prices) I hope you'll join me, Chris Goscinski, Mark Ames, Leigh Cowart and our many, many guests in the studio right now for what will certainly be our last ever NSFWLIVE show. You can tune in via the steaming audio player or watch and listen via the live video feed.  And please do tell your friends and followers to do the same.

Listen live / buy things:

Studio tweets (including latest things for sale): @nsfwcorp

Studio call in number: (877) 959-6739 Email the studio: [email protected]

Enjoy the show!

Illustration by Brad Jonas