Got sick? Get a Doctor On Demand at your desk.

By Kym McNicholas , written on December 10, 2013

From The News Desk

Nine months ago entrepreneur and angel investor Zak Holdsworth introduced me to WellnessFX, which provides analysis and data visualizations of your blood. Users receive customized blood tests and clinical advice when they want it. No need to sit on hold for an hour waiting to book my next open appointment, or bug my doctor for the results of my blood work.

WellnessFX is part of the next wave of health innovation, which places more information into the hands of patients. Another product in that mold is “Doctor On Demand,” which is exactly how it sounds. You feel the flu coming on and you want to get a prescription of Tamiflu, with a few clicks on your smartphone, a doctor is online with you via video conference.

It’s the brainchild of the son of famous TV doctor, Dr. Phil McGraw. Jay McGraw is the Dr. Phil show’s Executive Producer and also created another show called, “The Doctors.” Jay teamed up with successful serial entrepreneur Adam Jackson, who recently left Driverside, a resource for car owners, after it was purchased by Advance Auto Parts.

It’s not a new idea. The so-called Telehealth industry has been around for about 20 years, mainly via phone, while video-based chats with a doctor are newer. Doctor on Demand isn't the first-to-market either. A couple of doctors in Massachusetts have developed a similar technology, launching nationwide in 2011 (Founded in 2006).

Indeed, a rival company, American Well, also has a database of doctors available to video chat with you. It has blue chip partners including Blue Shield, The US Department of Veteran Affairs, OptumHealth, and RiteAid, and seems to have picked up steam in Massachusetts, but it hasn't yet caught on with the masses. In Apple’s App Store there are no reviews.

Nevertheless, healthcare is ripe for disruption. I had the opportunity to have an in depth chat with Adam Jackson and Doctor on Demand’s Chief Medical Officer about the company's new app, its functionality, as well as its limitations. There are a lot of risks and liabilities that come along with dealing in the healthcare space. Take a look:

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