Easy thoughtfulness: An achievable contradiction with this gift-giving app

By Carmel DeAmicis , written on December 20, 2013

From The News Desk

Guys, Christmas is in less than a week. Shit.

You've been running around closing funding rounds, launching new features, fixing bugs, and not sleeping to pay much attention to the increasing amounts of holiday garlands and red and green outfits appearing on the street.

Except for when Santa Con happened. That was a little hard to miss, and perhaps was the first time it dawned on you that it was December. That time of year for saying thanks to the friends and family who prop you up, when you think you can't go another exhausting entrepreneurial day. The loved ones who forgive you for rainchecking on plans the millionth time in a row to go put out fires.

Holiday festivities are perhaps the one time of year you can't cancel on them without being a total dick. And furthermore, you need something thoughtful that screams, "Thanks you're amazing, and I love you for putting up with me through all this." And you need that something five days before Christmas. Because that's when you finally put aside the company-related crises for a moment and remembered.

Enter: SixDoors. It's an app for the frenzied among us who have no time for shopping lines and shipping duty -- in San Francisco at least. New York, LA, and other city entrepreneurs are screwed.

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SixDoors allows you to shop local store catalogues online, bypassing generic Target dolls and gift cards for gourmet macaroons and artisan toys. It's onboarded 60 boutiques, ranging from Batter Bakery, Heliotrope/Aggregate Supply, and Mabuhay children's store. You pick what you want, and SixDoors delivers it that same day for you. The app normally charges $6 for delivery but they've waived it in the Christmas spirit.

It allows you to take only 10-15 minutes of your precious time to being "thoughtful," with 10x the seeming output of thoughtfulness. Efficient, fast, and cheap. The Silicon Valley way.

Depressing that we've managed to essentially outsource the one time of year we're on the hook to show our loved ones we care? Yes. Better than arriving for Christmas empty-handed? As Sarah Palin would say, you betcha.

Six Doors was started in March, and began publicizing itself in late November. It has raised $600,000, with plans to scale nationally once the company has nailed San Francisco operations. It's one of a million and one startups that aim to make thoughtfulness effortless -- a bit of a contradiction, but who cares?

Bond allows you to send hand-written thank you cards simply by typing the text in online. Sarah Lacy's favorite app Karma allowed you to easily send wrapped, tailored gifts to people, before Facebook bought it, destroyed it, and then shut it down. Postmates, which launched to deliver other goods like supplies and grocery items to people, has now added a gift arm. And Toast lets people compile their gift lists for friends and family to reference at any time.

There's no lack of options for easy tech-enabled gift-giving this year, so go forth and be merry.

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