Pando's best and worst of everything in 2013: A mega, meta, media mashup

By Adam L. Penenberg , written on December 23, 2013

From The News Desk

We sifted through dozens upon dozens of year-end lists to bring you the curated best and worst of 2013, virtually every word taken from elsewhere. It's a veritable linkapalooza.

It’s December, and along with the holiday preparations and the shortened days, this time of year brings with it the barrage of year-end lists. So without further ado, meet the dreamers, the informers, the noisemakers, the entertainers, the world changers, the old guard, and (yes) the next wave.

I know I'm going to blow some minds when I say this, but truly, the act of making top ten lists is an imperfect science. Yet the tech world gave us plenty talk about in 2013. We can build smarter robots. We can 3D-print pretty much anything. Tablet wars are still going strong, Snapchat is still a thing, and now we can binge-watch our favorite TV shows in more ways than ever before. 2013 has been a breakthrough year for technology: Google Glass, the smartwatch, and 3-D printing all entered the tech scene and dazzled consumers. 2013 was a jam-packed year in tech, featuring the full gamut of emotions we associate with the industry: nostalgia, hope, paranoia, fear, and unbridled excitement.

Yes, 2013 brought us many amazing innovations that we use every day. Smart technology and expert design have begun their creep into the living room and beyond in our homes. From gaming to gadgetry, streaming to smoke alarms, eyewear to engineering perfection, it’s been a bumper year, which gives the unenviable position of trying to distill a year of notable releases into one short list. We saw all-new PC form factors, interesting innovations in mobile hardware, and an explosion of gadgets in the home tech and entertainment spaces. The chances are you've already heard someone mention the Internet of Things, and it's certainly a phrase that you are going to hear more and more in the coming years. In five years or 10 years, Amazon could deliver last-minute Christmas gifts with an automated, GPS-controlled drone.

For all the ways you could spend -- and waste -- money on technology this year Christmas is less than a week away, and last-minute shoppers are scrambling to get what they need. Tech gifts for Christmas are always a sure bet, but make sure you're buying the best technology gifts of 2013 -- and not ones that will be returned later.

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Farewell to a bad 2013, bring on 2014.

(For those keeping track at home, there are 132 hyperlinks in this post.)

Illustration by Brad Jonas