The results are in! Pando's 2013 Reader's Poll

By David Holmes , written on January 1, 2014

From The News Desk

Last week, we asked you some questions about the year in tech. Many of our readers work at various levels of the startup ecosystem, and the rest closely observe it. Therefore a Pando Reader's Poll isn't just about checking off a box in the user engagement column. We know from your comments that you have unique insight into startup culture and we're very thankful you share that with us.

So without further ado, here are your selections for the 2013 Pando Reader's Poll:

Startup of the year (consumer):



Startup of the year (enterprise):



Entrepreneur of the year

Elon Musk


App you can't live without



Best Twitter feed

Aaron Levie (@levie)


Most innovative news organization



Investor/Firm of the year

Index Ventures


Most surprising success story



Startup you were most disappointed to see shut down



Most overhyped company



Prediction for breakout startup of 2014


[Illustration by Hallie Bateman]