A year in venture review: 2013 had the most IPO exits since 2007

By Carmel DeAmicis , written on January 3, 2014

From The News Desk

2013 was both a big and little year in the world of venture capital.

In terms of exits, VCs saw 20 billion less in capital compared to 2012, a significant decrease. But at the same time, 2013 marked the most IPO exits for startups since 2007. It's surprising, given the amount of media coverage about how less startups are going public these days because IPO's zap a company's ability to be innovative.

The numbers come from research firm PitchBook Data, which tracks extensive data about investments for the VC and private equity communities. PitchBook has released its year-in-review infographic with the most important trends from 2013.

"2013 marked the third straight year of robust venture fundraising, investment and exits. Our research indicates that 2014 should be another strong year for venture capital activity, although it's not all rosy,” Adley Bowden, PitchBook's head of analysis, says. “We see challenges such as limited partner apathy on the fundraising side, inflated valuations causing funding crunches on the company side, and liquidity pressures on the exit side impacting the industry this year.”

There's a few other notable facts showcased by PitchBook. Two accelerators -- 500 Startups and YC -- made the list of the five most active VC investors in 2013. The other three firms were Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and Intel Capital. PitchBook measured "active" by number of deals in which these VCs invested.

The biggest company exits outside the United States came from Israeli company Waze, which sold to Google for $1.3 billion, and Finland-based Supercell, which went to Softbank for $1.53 billion.

For other fun venture 2013 facts, from number of investors with exits to total capital invested, check out the PitchBook info graphic below.

PitchBook 2013 Venture Capital Datagraphic