With $870,000 in the bank, Resource Guru believes it can capitalize on resource scheduling

By Cale Guthrie Weissman , written on January 20, 2014

From The News Desk

Working with large teams can be difficult. Scheduling large projects within these teams is even more so. Many companies use Google's various apps -- be it Google Cal or even just a spreadsheet -- to see general availabilities of others within a group, but quite often that's not enough.

For example, if I am in need of some audio-visual assistance, I would have to check the calendars of each person in the AV department, rather than accessing a centralized scheduler that has grouped everyone together based on that specific criterion. Even though this type of scheduling really isn't a "sexy" problem, it's one that companies have to deal with everyday as they grow in size.

Andrew Rogoff and Percy Stilwell, two London-based entrepreneurs, noticed this problem as well, and found that most places merely use spreadsheets to handle this sort of task. They didn't think this was good enough and thus founded Resource Guru in May of 2012. It is, quite a simply, a resource scheduler that groups people based on projects and tasks. Today the company announced an $870,000 investment led by Index Ventures.

The product is pretty specific. Rogoff, however, thinks this is enough to really get it going. At first, he told me, people didn't think the app was viable. "People would tell me, 'You're creating a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.'" But now, according to Rogoff, "there are thousands of companies that have these [resource] spreadsheets." They would probably like to use something easier and more streamlined, he thinks. And since the company's launch a few years back, he says the company has seen pretty good success.

"People just love the simplicity," he said.

At the same time, he wouldn't divulge how many customers Resource Guru currently has. He would say that the app has created nearly 300,000 bookings for over 31,000 projects thus far. The company does tout some big-named clients like Intel, National Geographic, and Vodafone too. Companies like Intel, however, have thousands of employees, meaning potentially thousands of projects to be scheduled, so the numbers Rogoff's spouted many not actually speak to a diverse client list.

The company plans on using this new funding to expand. As of now, it's just Rogoff and Stilwell. The two have been outsourcing other roles, such as developing, since the beginning. "We're now going to build a bigger in-house team," he said. One of the first hires will be someone with a vast Ruby on Rails knowledge.

The hope is that with this funding, a client surge will follow. Resource Guru uses a monthly subscription pricing plan that is based on number of employees, so it's going to have attract some more top names. Once Rogoff announces over a million bookings, then we'll really know how viable the app is. I mean, just imagine how many Google Spreadsheets already exist that perform this precise task.

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