Guest starring on “Girls” last night: Gawker

By Adam L. Penenberg , written on January 27, 2014

From The News Desk

Pity poor Hannah. She learns that her editor, David Goings, is dead, and has trouble processing her emotions. To find out what happened, she turns to Gawker. This leads to an insightful -- and hilarious -- exchange with her boyfriend, Adam, crystalizing the debate around the flagship media site in Nick Denton’s empire of snark.

Surprisingly, you won’t find this on Gawker (at least not yet).

Hannah: Okay, David’s body was found face down in the Hudson River, right by Chelsea Piers, just floating there.

Adam: Well, that’s fucking terrible.

H: And Gawker is reporting that they won’t be releasing the toxicology report at all, so we’re not going to know if it was–

A: Gawker?

H: Yeah.

A: You’re getting your news from Gawker?

H: They report on media news, and I am a media-ist. So, it’s where I’ve got to get my news.

A: OK, when you die, how would you feel if a bunch of judgmental creeps, celibate against their will, snarkily reported on every fucking detail of your body decomposing.

H: Well, that’s is not what’s happening here. This is a very, very nice eulogy, listen. "Going goings Gone. Publishing’s most flamboyant power player makes a waterlogged exit worthy of a Brett Easton Ellis character."

A: That’s fucked, Hannah. Those are a bunch of jealous people who make a living appealing to our basest desire to see each other kicked while we're down.

H: I don’t agree, okay? It’s a web portal that celebrates the written word. And it’s sister site, Jezebel, is a place feminists can go to support one another, which we need in this modern world full of slut shaming and–.

A: Well I think that shit gets into your head and makes you one of the bad guys.

H: I think that you need a place to go and gather up the information that’s important to your industry and then discuss it with other like-minded individuals.  That’s why the comments board is so important to me and why I have made so many e-friends. WHY ARE WE FIGHTING ABOUT THIS?

A: WHY AREN’T YOU MOURNING QUIETLY? Despite Hannah's surprisingly reasonable defense of Gawker and Jezebel, Lena Dunham, whose book proposal was mocked on Gawker, claimed on Twitter that it was "definitely sarcasm."