Data shows that Budweiser won the (social media) Super Bowl

By Carmel DeAmicis , written on February 3, 2014

From The News Desk

Confirming what anyone who watched the Budweiser Puppy Love commercial already knew, startup Poptip confirmed that Budweiser won the social media Super Bowl. Hearts melted, viewers swooned, thousands of puppies got adopted from local shelters across the nation (probably), and Budweiser earned 5,491 mentions on Twitter from  3:30pm EST to 6:30pm EST. It was the most popular brand on the social networking platform throughout the event.

Poptip is one of a handful of companies out there trying to tame the social web, analyzing it for insights and information about what users are caring and sharing about. It graduated from TechStars NYC in June 2012, and it has raised roughly $2.5 million from Lerer Ventures, SoftBank Capital, RSE Ventures, and a handful of angels. Poptip charges businesses $1,500 a month to run surveys via Facebook and Twitter for them. It charges even more -- $6,500 -- for its Zipline service, which analyzes all social media mentions of a brand during a big event.

But for the Super Bowl, Poptip decided to release its analysis, pro bono, for the masses to enjoy. Here's the takeaway on what brands earned 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place in the social media bowl.

Esurance won the saturation game, with the most tweets per minute on average. Its #EsuranceSave30 cash giveaway promotion earned it explosive social media coverage, with its Twitter handle, brand name, and campaign hashtag showing up roughly 1,360 times a minute throughout the game.

The next in line was a far distance second, Coco Cola with 76 tweets per minute, and Budweiser with 47 tweets per minute.  4 out of 10 brands with the most Tweets Per Minute throughout the Super Bowl had more than one commercial play.

In terms of total tweets during the whole game, the top four brands to win were beer and soft drinks (shocker!). As mentioned, Budweiser won social, with 5,491 tweets. Pepsi (5,060), Coke (4,632), and Bud Light (4,427) were second, third, and fourth respectively.

As for the top mentioned phrases on Twitter, enjoy the pretty infographic below.

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