Stock tips, free beer, and hilarity: Get your ticket PandoMonthly LA with Howard Lindzon

By Sarah Lacy , written on February 26, 2014

From The News Desk

We are heading to LA for our first PandoMonthly of the year in a few weeks, and our guest is one of my favorite people to grab a drink or talk about stocks with: Howard Lindzon.

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Lindzon is one of those rare people who just loves everything about finance and trading and Wall Street, but also loves technology and thinks it should disrupt the hell out of it. He's also a prolific seed investor via his fund Social Leverage and has build up a stout national portfolio from the confines of sleepy Coronado island off San Diego. We’re gonna talk about crowd funding, buying stocks over Twitter, Bitcoin, and every other disruption that freaks out traditional finance and the SEC.

He has bona fide financial chops but has always loved poking fun at that world too. His previous company was Wallstrip, which faded from the zeitgeist after it was sold to CBS and the network poached its star Lindsay Campbell.

Lindzon started StockTwits when he quickly saw Twitter’s power for anything that relied on real time public communication long before hashtags were all over the networks. Financial trading can’t exactly be time-shifted. It's become a market-moving force and recently announced new funding and a new CEO.

He's weird, irreverent, unafraid to piss people off, and so quick witted sometimes I laugh five minutes too late. In other words, a perfect PandoMonthly guest.

[Note: This event isn't until March 20th, but LA readers have asked us to put tickets on sale with a longer lead time than we have in the past. Hope to see you all there!]