Somebody should definitely adapt this creepy app for the US

By Tim Worstall , written on February 27, 2014

From The News Desk

It's a real boon to middle aged men driving their penis extensions everywhere in fact. Possibly even to those women looking to move into Cougar mode. So let's posit what the problem is: that you've got some grandly flash motor, something seriously upscale like a decent Ferrari or Lamborghini. Clearly you are therefore a person of significant wealth and we all know what bling attracts these days, the ability to find a large number of willing mates. Sexual partners that is, not just the English word for friends.

But, appallingly, people can see you drive past in your car worth more than a house but short of spraying your phone number on the side they've no method of contacting you. Who is this sexual god with 12 vibrating cylinders that I just must remove my underwear for?

And yes, I laughed when I first considered this but apparently this does in fact happen:

A supercar fanatic fed up with missing out on offers of dates from women who spotted him driving his Ferrari F430 has launched an app that he hopes will be the key to revving up Britain's sex lives.

Marc Ackerley found himself swamped with date requests from attractive women who caught sight of him behind the wheel of his £170,000 Ferrarri.

Women were apparently so desperate to meet him that they contacted a local luxury car dealer to be put in touch with the owner. Hey, it's in the Daily Mail so it must be true. The solution is obvious: a smartphone app.

The driver of one of these hot rods puts his numberplate into the system. Then the hot women looking for the hot rodder can, when they see the car passing by, take down the registration number, put it into the app and then contact said driver. What could be simpler?

I have to admit I can't really see that it's going to work all that well. For it would require the people who want to meet the driver to know of the existence of the app. But then again I'm sure there are stranger things being released every day.

[Image via Wallmay]