We're launching Pando Memberships in beta. 500 discounted places available NOW (499... 498...)

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on April 17, 2014

From The News Desk

As you’ve probably noticed, things are really hotting up at Pando. Not only are we turning out scoop after scoop after scoop, but we’re also preparing to publish the second issue of our print magazine and are just a couple of months away from our incredible Southland conference (starring Al Gore, Christy Turlington Burns, David Marcus, Phil Libin, Aaron Levie, Tristan Walker, St Paul & the Broken Bones and more).

But all of that is just the start. This summer we're unveiling a brand new, with even more features, more events, and complete rebuild and redesign. Most people will have to wait until the summer to see the All New Pando — but today we’re giving 500 early adopting readers the chance to take a peek behind the curtain.

Today we’re launching the beta version of Pando Memberships. For a single annual fee of $250, members get a transferable VIP pass to all of our Pando Monthly events (in person, or via live streaming, plus the ability to watch again instantly) a subscription to the Pando Quarterly magazine (in print and digital, delivered anywhere in the world), an exclusive daily email containing advance previews of the next day’s Pando headlines — plus deep, deep discounts to all of our other events (for example: members can go to Southland for just $499, compared to the regular price of $1299).

Memberships will open to everyone when relaunches properly in the Summer. But 500 of you (first come, first served) can sign up right now at a special discounted price of just $250 for an entire year (regular price is $300). You’ll get instant access to all the member benefits above -- plus new features and benefits as we bring them online.)

So what’s the catch? And why are we only accepting 500 new subscribers at first?

The only catch is that we're hoping beta subscribers will also help us test drive the all-new before we roll it out to everyone later in the year. Members will get advance access to new functionality, features and community tools before the rest of the world, and will also be able to view pilots of some of our new video features, ebooks and all that good stuff. We want to keep the number of members controllable while we fix any bugs and decide what works and what doesn’t. There’s no obligation for beta members to provide suggestions or bug reports but any feedback will be very much appreciated.

Beta registration opens right.... now -- and closes when we hit 500 members. (If you'd like to buy more than one membership, email us for bulk pricing info.)

See you in the members' area!

(Note for former NSFWCORP subscribers: Look out for an email very soon explaining how to transfer over your membership.)