This is how you lead: David Marcus responds to Rocky Agrawal

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on May 5, 2014

From The News Desk

I wrote earlier about former Paypal exec Rocky Agrawal and his increasingly weird, and worrying, Twitter meltdown after being asked to resign from the company.

During his rant -- which included calling one female colleague a "piece of shit" -- Agrawal repeatedly praised Paypal president David Marcus, describing him and colleague Stan Chudnovsky (a Pando investor) as "two of the smartest guys I know."

— Rakesh Agrawal (@rakeshlobster) May 3, 2014 A short while ago, Marcus responded on Paypal's blog to Agrawal's tweets, and the scandal in general. Short version: "thanks Rocky, but no thanks."

Since his tasteless tweets first became public, Rocky has posted positive remarks about myself and other PayPal leaders. Thanks but no thanks, Rocky. When you attack and insult my team, you attack, and insult me and the rest of PayPal. I think the world of the people you’ve insulted. They are some of the best people I’ve worked with in my career, and I will not tolerate your mad rants any longer.
Well, shit. In a corporate world where everyone is fucking terrified of speaking their minds lest they cause offense, or appear in any way close to human, it's beyond refreshing to see Marcus so aggressively, and unequivocally, supporting his team.
Onward with dignity and respect…
Marcus' full post is here. More like this, please, corporate America.

[Photo credit: Paypal]