What founders can learn from Jack White about launching a product

By Mike Tatum , written on May 8, 2014

From The News Desk

Like most entrepreneurs and technophiles, I love checking out new companies and products. But I am having a real problem with what has become the status quo "intro video," with its obligatory animations, cutesy music, and a description that seems targeted for my 5-year old. Don't get me wrong, I love Dumb Ways to Die, Yo Gabba Gabba, and pretty much most of the stuff my son likes during his "screen time." I just don't want to every new product I try going infantile on me.

Then I saw Jack White and Ben Blackwell of Third Man Records doing a product overview of Jack White's new album release on vinyl and it hit me....we're doing this all wrong.

(Watch this and come back, I'll wait.)


Yeah, it's a bit awkward and long. But it is funny and it is real. Also, the complete focus is on all the cool features they've put into packaging this record. More important, the video makes you like them and want to buy the record!

So here we have one of the world's biggest rock stars and his "co-worker" showing off product features. There's no gloss and no over production because they don't need it. What they did with this record was cool enough.

To be clear, they have the capital and resources to do a slickly produced video. Instead, you get to see Ben and Jack geeking out on how much effort they just put into innovating on 66-year old LP technology. And that's why it works.

So founders, take notes. Don't overthink it. Build something cool and just show it. You don't need to over polish it (unless it is a turd). If it is great it, you and your enthusiasm will sell it just fine.

By the way, you can see Jack White at Bonnaroo right after Southland if you're coming to Nashville....