Inevitably, Democrats release attack ad highlighting Pando's reporting on Charlie Baker and General Catalyst

By David Sirota , written on May 14, 2014

From The News Desk

Well that didn't take long.

Following Pando's reporting on the relationship between General Catalyst partner Charles Baker and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the Massachusetts Democratic Party has released a web ad capitalizing on the burgeoning scandal.

The ad was released on the same day that the Boston Globe published a new report in which a spokesperson for Baker confirmed Pando's revelation that New Jersey pension money ended up in a General Catalyst company on whose board Baker sits. Baker, however, continues to deny any impropriety.

Those denials, however, have not stopped the Democrats seizing on the story. Massachusetts Democratic Party Executive Director Matt Fenlon said: “Questions continue to swirl this week about Republican Charlie Baker and his connections to Republican Chris Christie’s pension fund. This video puts Republican Baker’s full week of challenges in context.”

Here's the ad...