You can now pay monthly for Pando Memberships. Huzzah!

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on May 19, 2014

From The News Desk

Last month, we launched the beta version of Pando memberships: A way for readers to support our increasingly ass-kicking (and increasingly legally expensive) investigative journalism, in exchange for an overflowing stack of member-only benefits.

Members get a transferable VIP pass to all of our Pando Monthly events (in person, or via live streaming, plus the ability to watch again instantly) a subscription to the Pando Quarterly magazine (in print and digital, delivered anywhere in the world), an exclusive daily email containing advance previews of the next day’s Pando headlines — plus deep, deep discounts to all of our other events (for example: members can go to Southland for just $499, compared to the regular price of $1299).
One of the reasons we launched in beta, with a slightly rough-around-the-edges members area rather than the slick finished version we're launching in the summer, was to allow readers to kick the tires of the membership offering and tell us what else you'd like to see. Suggestions so far have included members-only comment features, informal meet ups, various sector-specific newsletters and more. We're considering every suggestion carefully.

By far the single biggest request we've received, though, is for a monthly billing option rather than a big, fat annual fee. That was something we were planning to launch in the summer, but demand has grown so loud that we've decided to roll it out early. Today in fact.

As of right now, you can become a Pando member for just $30 a month. Those opting for monthly billing get all of the same benefits of the annual subscription, except for the hefty discount on Southland. That means you'll get unlimited access to Pando monthly events, in real life and streaming, instant access to event videos well before non-members, the quarterly magazine and all of the other features we're rolling out in the current weeks and months.

You'll also get streaming access to our first Pando webinar, on global eccommerce, which takes place tomorrow afternoon in San Francisco. The webinar is moderated by Pando's Sarah Lacy and panelists include Hotel Tonight's Sam Shank, Birchbox’s Katia Beauchamp and Braintree’s international payments guru Klas Bäck. That's worth the thirty bucks on its own.


Never one to miss an opportunity, our commercial team has convinced Braintree to sponsor a free month-long trial membership for anyone willing to receive some info about Braintree. You can find details of that offer here.

Or if you'd rather dive straight in, you can sign up directly for monthly membership right here.


Just in case you need a reminder of why a Pando Membership is a must-have, here's a video explainer by Sarah and me...