Buoyed by lack of smartwatch success, Samsung plans even more complicated smartwatch

By James Robinson , written on May 23, 2014

From The News Desk

Jeez, Samsung, quit it with the watch talk already…

New from the Wall Street Journal this morning is a report that Samsung is looking to go one further with its smartwatch plans, working on a new model that will work as its own phone, rather than supplementing one: able to handle calls, take photos, email and arrive fully stocked with GPS, Bluetooth and a heart monitor.

The watch will reportedly arrive in the summer and run on Samsung’s own operating system, Tizen, which it co-developed with Intel.

Samsung keeps pumping out smartwatches to the general disapproval of critics and collected apathy of the buying public. Its Gear Fit was called a “messy merger of fitness band and smartwatch” and the Samsung Gear 2 was described as “haphazard,” “clunky” and coming “up a little bit short.”

And this was just in the last month.

Still, if you can’t make a smartwatch that people want to buy as a supplement to their smartphones, why not just double down, throw in a bajillion more functions and try and replace the whole damn phone altogether?

Because if the company couldn't yet get a few things right, it'll probably nail a more complicated model with way more functions. That makes perfect sense.

Samsung finds itself as a market leader in the smartwatch space, by proxy only of being the largest company with the most amount of product.

Wearable technology is a craze that is going to happen, but is currently quite massively overhyped. Samsung -- and every company like it -- wants to do with the smartwatch what Apple did with the smartphone. But with every new product that falls short of the hype that has been placed at the altar of wearable technology, the current level of enthusiasm for wearables drops off even further.

Samsung moving all of its chips into the center of the table like this is a risky move. If it doesn’t  watch out it might end up being to smartwatches what the Palm Pilot was to smartphones.

[illustration by Brad Jonas for Pando]