Prezi launches the "prezumé," a quick and easy way to make yourself totally unemployable

By Carmel DeAmicis , written on May 29, 2014

From The News Desk

If the usual stunts for getting a recruiter's attention -- sending cookies or overhyping your qualifications -- don't appeal to you, presentation software Prezi has a new option: the prezumé. Pronounced like resume. And yes, it’s just as terrible as it sounds.

Prezi is a way of presenting information that’s far more compelling and engaging than a PowerPoint. The visual-spatial layout mimics the way the human brain categorizes information, and the motion from one slide to another shows the relationship between all the chunks of data. It's a nice tool for impressing colleagues, professors, or whomever by automatically raising your presentation a few notches above the rest.

But all the things that make the software great for presentations are the same reasons it sucks for a resume. Can you imagine sending your resume to an employer ala PowerPoint? It’s not like recruiters have all day to sit clicking through your slides. They’re flicking through stacks upon stacks of resumes trying to find the diamond in the rough, and you’ve just made their job that much harder.

I mean, just look at this "prezumé" and tell me exactly how little chance there is you'd want to hire this person:

The flair of a Prezi, combined with the information of a resume, isn't a selling point. It's a quick, easy and free way to look like an unemployable narcissist.