This kind Pando reader wants to give you his ticket to Southland

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on June 6, 2014

From The News Desk

As Sarah wrote yesterday, our Southland conference, which opens Monday, is 100% sold out. The only way to experience it is via the live stream, available only to Pando Members.

Or at least that was the only way. Shortly after Sarah's post went up, and mine explaining why the event is going to be remarkable, an attendee got in touch to say that he isn't able to make it to the conference. Rather that trying to resell the ticket, he suggested we might like to give it away to someone deserving. Normally tickets aren't transferable but this seemed like the kind of generosity that's worth making an exception for.

He asked that we don't share his name, but here's the email...


So, here's the game: If you can be in Nashville this coming Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (we can't help you with travel or accommodation) and would like to come to Southland, simply tweet @pandosouthland (which I just set up as the official handle of the conference) explaining why we should give you the ticket. We'll choose the best answer and award the ticket at the end of the day.

See you in Nashville!