Voxa unveils Siri-like automation for the unsexy old CRM

By Michael Carney , written on June 10, 2014

From The News Desk

When it comes to business software, CRM may be the unsexiest of all categories. Like the “TPS report” of sales teams, spending time entering contact and communication data into a database is the bane of nearly all professionals’ existence.

But Voxa, an Atlanta-based startup debuting its product today on stage at Southland, hopes that Siri-like artificial intelligence and automation will may add a bit of sizzle to this otherwise droll category.

“We spoke to hundreds of Salesforce users and asked them what can we do to make CRM work better for you,” says Voxa co-founder and CEO Johnson Cook. “Without fail, nearly every one said some version of, ‘Just make it automatic.'”

Voxa started by simply syncing user emails and CRM, thereby ensuring that every communication be it inbound or outbound, desktop, Web, or mobile is synced with client records. This satisfies the desire of sales managers seeking transparency into the activities of their street soldiers, while alleviating the record-keeping burden.

Today, however, the company upped the ante with the addition of a natural language processing engine that allows user to automate even more day to day administrative tasks. For example, users can setup Voxa to create follow-up reminders automatically every time a sent email includes colloquial phrases like “circle back,” “talk to you next week,” or “ping you then.”

"We're trying to eliminate the monkey work," Cook says. "Data entry can triple the amount of time individual salespeople spend. And this can be translated not just to Salesforce but to any software platform."

Voxa raised $1 million in Seed funding from Atlanta Ventures and has 11 full-time team members today. The company began selling its software on a $1 per day, per seat SaaS model just last month and has already added 200 seats across 20 companies. The company is in the running for the $100,000 Southland Startup Competition.