Republican state senator slams Christie for $82M subsidy to NBA team

By David Sirota , written on June 11, 2014

From The News Desk

A Republican state senator in New Jersey is now slamming Christie for the $82 million subsidy to the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers, which Pando reported on earlier today. According to PolitickerNJ, State Senator Mike Doherty (R) criticized the “free gift from the hard-pressed taxpayers of New Jersey” to the owners of the team. In a statement, Doherty said: “Governor Christie states that we have an $800 million budget shortfall. Then why is New Jersey providing an $82 million gift for a billionaire?...Why are we opening up the money spigot to take care of a billionaire? How can New Jersey not make this year’s full pension payment, but the state government can find an extra $82 million for a basketball practice facility?”