Startups drop rhymes for cash in Braintree PitchHop competition

By Michael Carney , written on June 13, 2014

From The News Desk

In the midst of a Southland conference that was equal parts culture and music festival as it was hard hitting technology summit, perhaps it’s no surprise that Braintree would take an atypical approach to onboarding new users.

What was that approach? Asking entrepreneurs to Rap their startup pitch in a makeshift bus turned recording studio. The judges? Braintree CEO (and potential future PayPal president) Bill Ready and developer relations head John Lunn.

The Braintree PitchHop competition started slow but became a crowd favorite by the end of the three day event. Most surprisingly – we may be in Nashville, but these are entrepreneurs, not hopeful recording artists – a few of videos weren’t that bad.

The winners, out of nearly 40 startups, were Redpepper, an ad agency and invention lab, and Screwpulp, an ebook marketplace. Both companies were awarded Braintree’s Blueprint package, granting them $100,000 of fee free transactions with Braintree and $1.5 million fee free transactions with PayPal.

Check out the winning pitch videos below: