Sorry, journalists: When it comes to crowdfunding, reporting is absolutely crushed by comic books

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on June 19, 2014

From The News Desk

Earlier this month, crowdfunding platform Kickstarter launched a dedicated section to house all of its journalism-related projects. The move was long overdue given the site has been hosting media and reporting crowdfunding attempts since it launched in 2009.

But lest any impoverished hacks get excited about hordes of eager news consumers clamoring to support their efforts, here's a sobering stat: the most funded Kickstarter journalism project of all time earned almost ten times less than the most funded project in the comics category.

Bobbie Johnson's Matter magazine (since acquired by and absorbed into Medium) raised an impressive $140,201 back in 2012. By comparison, that same year a campaign to reprint the comic books "Order Of The Stick" raised a nose-bleeding $1,254,120. In fact, all of the top twenty comics projects on Kickstarter raised more than Medium -- and only three journalism projects ever have broken six figures.

The message for journalists, then, is clear: if you want to use crowdfunding to support your work, you'd better learn to draw.