Potato salad campaign raises 200x its goal, makes my crowdfunding effort look like a bowl of crap

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on July 5, 2014

From The News Desk

I don't mind telling you, this is a blow to my ego.

A couple of weeks back, I launched a modest crowdfunding campaign to help me write and edit a tell-all history of NSFWCORP, the "journalism with jokes" startup I founded in 2011 and sold to Pando late last year.

The money -- hopefully around $20k when I'm done -- will allow me to pay former NSFWCORP writers and editors to contribute words and pictures for the print and epub editions and will also cover things like designing, printing and distributing the physical book. In exchange, backers get the usual treats: A copy of the book, special signed editions, access to the audio tapes of research interviews, their name or picture in the book... all that stuff.

Right now, the campaign is about a quarter funded and things are ticking along nicely.

I was feeling pretty good about things, even though I'm facing a whole lot of work in interviewing everyone for the book, writing the thing and -- a recent stretch goal -- pledging to produce some more episodes of our NSFWLIVE radio show if the campaign hits target.

And then I saw this.

A couple of days ago, a man in Columbus, OH, launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10 to help him make a bowl of potato salad. With almost a month still to go (he mustn't be very hungry), Zach Danger Brown's campaign is already at $2000 -- 200 times his goal -- and it's still rising fast. Brown has already whizzed past his stretch goals including:

$35 - I will make 4x as much Potato Salad. I know $40 isn't 4x $10, but you guys have earned it.

$75 - Pizza Party!

$100 - I will try two different Potato Salad recipes. Next, if the campaign reaches $3000, he plans to host a giant potato salad party, to which he will invite the "whole Internet."

Kudos, Zach Brown. You're going to need a bigger bowl.