According to the TSA, terrorists are Apple fanboys too

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on July 6, 2014

From The News Desk

With everyone in the world already carrying an Apple or Samsung phone, what new markets are left for those two phone giants to target? Terrorists, apparently.

Per new TSA guidelines, passengers flying on direct flights from foreign airports to the US will now be required to prove that their cellphone is not in fact a cleverly disguised bomb. According to a statement from the agency the enhanced security check will involve "ask[ing] that owners power up some devices." Presumably if they don't explode, they're good to go.

But not all phones are created equally deadly. According to Reuters, the new security measures will focus on travelers carrying Apple and Samsung devices. Apparently some people are taking "think different" to a ridiculous extreme.

The news is irksome for all international travelers, and to Apple and Samsung users in particular. But it has to be absolutely excruciating for RIM executives. Apparently Blackberry devices are now so undesirable that they can't even that they can't even sell one to a guy who wants to blow it up.