This is nuts: Fake court document filed demanding Techtopus judge be removed due to "Obama ties"

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on July 8, 2014

From The News Desk

Ok, this is fucking nuts.

On the exact same day that Pando's Mark Ames published new documents implicating one of Obama's major donors in the Techtopus wage-fixing scandal, an apparent crazy person filed a fake legal document demanding Judge Lucy Koh be removed from the case due to her own "Obama conflict."

Petitioner Is Entitled To Have Case Assigned To Another Judge Who Is Not Affiliated in the direct above described prior work and/or economic manner for Even a single conflict existing with defendants: Holder, Klein, Varney, and Obama. However, all four will be defendants in the same complaint so the threshold or ability For the Court to navigate equitably is too burdensome and risky to injure Plaintiffs.
According to the Wall Street Journal:
The attorney listed as filing the motion knew nothing about it. “That’s my state bar number, but I did not file that,” said Cathy Elliott Jones in an interview. “Somebody just hijacked my name and bar number. I’m really mad about this.”
The filing, obtained by Pando and embedded below, is a masterpiece of batshittery but was sophisticated enough to apparently be taken seriously by the court. It took 24 hours for Judge Koh to deny the motion, which she did earlier today.
Just when you thought this case couldn't get any weirder.