Howard Kurtz and Sarah Lacy discuss Valley bro culture, Kurtz does "gross" dramatic email reading

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on July 13, 2014

From The News Desk

I could happily have gone my entire life without hearing Howard Kurtz ask "Did I just pee on Lily?"

On this morning's edition of Fox's MediaBuzz, host Howard Kurtz and Pando's Sarah Lacy  discussed sexism in the Valley. Specifically, Kurtz asked Lacy whether the tech press gives male founders too easy a pass when they're accused of sexist behavior.

As evidence Kurtz pointed to the reaction to leaked emails from the Snapchat founder's frat days and the recent lawsuit from Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe alleging sexual harassment and discrimination at the company.

Sarah argued that one of the problems is that, from the point of view of the business press, the notion that Snapchat or Tinder executives might be bros isn't as shocking as it might be in other similarly valued companies. It's an uncomfortable truth that Michael Carney first discussed here on Pando. She also pointed out that the obvious gender disparity in the Valley can't entirely be explained by bro culture.

The segment is, fascinating, of course -- and not just because of the curious spectacle of watching Uncle Howie reading lines like "Did I just pee on Lily?"

The full video is here.