Following Pando reporting, congressional IP address blocked from editing Wikipedia for ten days

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on July 24, 2014

From The News Desk

Earlier this week, I reported that an IP address connected to the US House of Representatives had made a series of bizarre updates to Wikipedia, including implicating Cuba in fake moon landing conspiracies and the assassination of JFK and accusing radio host Alex Jones of being a Russian spy. After Mediaite followed up the story, that site's Wikipedia entry was updated to accuse it of transphobia.

Today, according to the Washington Post, Wikipedia's editors have finally stepped in to stop the congressional troll...

Pando Daily reported that @Congressedits revealedĀ a "Moon landing conspiracy theories" edit coming from a Congressional IP address; the congressional staffer editor blamed the Cuban government for spreading Apollo 11 conspiracy theories.

Making matters worse, when the change was covered by Mediaite, someone from a Congressional IP address promptly changed Mediaite's Wikipedia page to add that the site was a "sexist transphobic" publication that "that automatically assumes that someone is male without any evidence."

That was the last straw for one of Wikipedia's 1,400-some administrators, who have been approved by the Wikipedia community to monitor the site for abuse, vandalism and trolling.

The block will last for ten days, or until the Bilderbergs order Jimmy Wales to back down.