Nick Denton never claimed he was a flag waving, son of a senator patriot. He's a British Hungarian expat who is successfully keeping a media organization independent by taking advantage of the same loopholes that billion dollar companies exploit for much higher margins. Plus we have (and have always had) a sizable overseas staff presence in Hungary, so it's not like he just opened a shell office over there and called us an international organization.

We don't like it. Nick doesn't like it. Hamilton writes about this very thing incessantly because we think it's terrible and ridiculous, but we'd be fools to not enjoy the same perks as every other company. At least Gawker has the balls to call bullshit on it, unlike the New York Times which apparently thinks the fault is on corporate tax rates being too high, and not that our incredibly lenient tax code needs updating to reflect the inherently global nature of a world economy.
Yes, James, at least Gawker has the balls to call bullshit on everyone else. And at least they feel just horrible about making the decision to avoid US taxes.