An Unscientific Pando Poll: How libertarian is the tech industry, really?

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on July 29, 2014

From The News Desk

Over the past few weeks, Pando has been covering the rise of Libertarianism as a political force in Silicon Valley and the wider tech industry.

In response to that coverage, we've heard from a lot of readers arguing that, despite being highly visible, Libertarians actually represent a very small percentage of the tech industry. Others meanwhile have said the opposite: That, whether we like it or not, Libertarians will soon be the dominant force in the industry.

So which is it? How do people in the tech industry actually define their political views? Do they even define them at all?

As a quick, dirty and thoroughly unscientific way to test the water, I've created a poll.

The question is simple: If you had to, how would you define your political views?

We won't monitor, analyze or share individual responses -- it's just the aggregate numbers we're interested in. I'll publish the results next week.

** Poll closed **