Man who filed fake document to remove judge from Techtopus suit is now appealing court's non-fake rejection

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on August 8, 2014

From The News Desk

Last month, I reported that someone had forged the name and state bar number of an attorney to file an appeal to have Judge Lucy Koh recused from the Techtopus wage-fixing settlement. The forger claimed that Judge Koh should not be eligible to preside over the case due to her "ties" with Obama.

Unsurprisingly the court quickly rejected the motion on the basis that it was, well, fake and nuts.

Here's what is surprising: Brad Greenspan, the apparent filer of the original fake motion, has now filed documents to appeal the decision to reject his forgery. (I say "apparent," because Brad Greenspan is also the name of the MySpace co-founder who has filed suits against News Corp for their management of the company since the acquisition. At this point there's absolutely no reason to assume any name in the Koh motion is actually real.)

According to documents filed yesterday, using a post office box address in Woodside, CA,  "Greenspan" is acting now as appellant pro se -- that is, without fake attorney representation.

The latest filing is embedded below: