CNN money rewrites Pando's Techtopus reporting, only a million years too late. Next: Titanic sinks!

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on August 11, 2014

From The News Desk

I had to hit refresh a few times when I landed on the front page of CNN Money today, just in case I was getting a cached page from... I dunno... a thousand years ago. But no, apparently CNN really did just "break" the news that Steve Jobs has been accused of playing a role in Silicon Valley's largest ever wage-fixing scandal.

Yes, that would be the Techtopus scandal -- the same scandal that Pando's Mark Ames has been reporting on for months, and which legendary Valley journalist Michael Malone referred to as "the best investigative work I've seen in the Valley in 12 years."

CNN's rehash of our reporting really is spectacular in its shamelessness: For one thing, it leads with Judge Lucy Koh's refusal to approve the settlement (which Mark also broke), but then quickly turns into a blow-by-blow rewrite of the highlights of Pando's reporting: Jobs' involvement, the termination of an over-zealous recruiter, the Pixar and Dreamworks twist, the Paris office scandal and more. It finishes off with a blatant rip off of Mark's scoop about the Techtopus conspirators' retaliation against Facebook.

Total links to Pando in the piece: Zero.