Get your tickets to the PandoMonthly with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner now!

By Sarah Lacy , written on August 11, 2014

From The News Desk

It seems like forever since we did a PandoMonthly in San Francisco, doesn't it? The Emmy nominated interview series is back this Thursday with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner. Many people in the Valley know of or have met Weiner but few truly know him. He's a man who holds his cards close to the vest-- and as a result when he was one of the senior exec of Terry Semel and Jerry Yang's Yahoo, it was hard to know just how good he was.

It became considerably clearer when Weiner became CEO of LinkedIn. Like Twitter, LinkedIn had a bit of a revolving door in its corner office for most of its existence. Founder Reid Hoffman wasn't the right person to lead it, but neither were professional CEOs like Dan Nye.

Weiner was just the right fit-- to the point where Hoffman dubbed him a "co-founder" years after LinkedIn's actual founding.

Under Weiner, LinkedIn has been one of the more consistent of the Web 2.0 era of large cap stocks, and is valued at some $26 billion-- this for a company that spent years being the less sexy version of Friendster, MySpace, Facebook and any other social flavor of the month. Dozens of companies keep trying to disrupt LinkedIn's hold on the professional social network, and so far none have landed much of a punch. Will Weiner keep the strategy of slow, steady consistency filled in with acquihires are go all crazy-bet-making Zuckerberg at some point?

Come hear him talk about everything this Thursday and find out! We only have a few more PandoMonthlys this year so don't miss it!