Seacrest out of order: Blackberry asks for sanctions against TV host's company

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on August 21, 2014

From The News Desk

Today in headlines that are actually real: Blackberry has upped its legal fight against Ryan Seacrest for ripping off their keyboard design.

According to Law360, Blackberry has asked a California federal judge to sanction Typo Products LLC, co-founded by Seacrest, for continuing to sell a plug-in iPhone keyboard that looks suspiciously -- almost exactly -- like Blackberry's keyboard design. The company '[called] Typo's recent distribution of 11,000 keyboards “brazen and blatant.”'

In the original legal complaint (embedded below), Blackberry claimed:

BlackBerry’s innovations in keyboard design have given rise to broad intellectual property rights, including design patents, utility patents, and trade dress protection.
Typo, however, has promoted and announced the immiment release of the Typo iPhone keyboard case (hereinafter “Typo Keyboard product”) – an external case for the Apple iPhone 5/5s with an integrated physical keyboard.
But instead of developing its own keyboard design, Typo chose to copy BlackBerry’s iconic keyboard design as embodied in, among others, BlackBerry’s Q10 smartphone, seeking to trade on BlackBerry’s commercial recognition and goodwill.
I'll update this post with the new complaint and judge William H. Orrick's response as soon as they're publicly available.