Israel becomes latest country to try to ban Secret bullying app

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on August 28, 2014

From The News Desk

Despite recent attempts to curb bullying on its platform, the backlash against Secret continues. Now an Israeli lawmaker has called for the country to ban the app, just days after Brazil also took steps to block its use.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Knesset Committee for Children’s Rights chairwoman Orly Levy-Abecassi has warned that  "the application turned into a platform for cyber-bullying for Israeli youth, who, in many cases, used it to smear and harm others.”

It's hard to comprehend how dangerous an app has to be for teenagers to be banned in Israel, a place where teenagers face mandatory military conscription at age 18. Levy-Abecassi spells it out:

“In some cases cyber-bullying ends in tragedy. This problem has become acute recently with the use of Secret as a social tool that can harm teens and we must do all we can to prevent such situations,” [Levy-Abecassi] added.