Starting right now: The NSFWLIVE radio show is back for one day only. Listen live!

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on August 30, 2014

From The News Desk

Be careful what you wish for.

A couple of months ago, I launched a crowdfunding campaign to produce an uncensored history of NSFWCORP, the news magazine (with jokes) that I founded back in 2011 and which was acquired by Pando back in February.

As is expected when launching crowdfunding campaigns, I spent some time coming up with different reward levels -- $5 for the ebook, $20 for the paperback -- that kind of thing.

Partly for my own amusement, partly under the principle of "nothing ventured," I decided to add at least one ridiculously high level reward. In anyone plunked down $5,000 in support of the book project, I promised we'd produce a special one-off come-back edition of our radio call-in show, NSFWLIVE.

And so of course someone paid the five grand.

I couldn't quite believe it when I saw the PayPal notification. Not only had someone paid five thousand dollars for us to sit in a small room for five hours, playing Taylor Swift and arguing with people on the phone, but he had asked to remain anonymous. He didn't even want public credit -- he was just doing it because he liked the show, and wanted to help support the book.

Today from 11am: Listen live to the (one day only) return of NSFWLIVE.

True to my promise, the show starts today at 11am Pacific time (2pm Eastern, 7pm London), hosted by me and NSFWCORP-to-Pando's Mark Ames and Chris Goscinski. It will also feature as many of the old NSFWCORP team as we can muster. Confirmed guests so far include Yasha Levine (reporting live from Ukraine), Leigh Cowart, The War Nerd (in Turin), Dayvid Figler (in Vegas), Ramon Glazov (in Australia) and Jason Walsh (in Ireland).

We'll be taking listener calls throughout the show, and no topic is off limits. I'm particularly keen to hear from Pando readers on the issues we've been covering here recently: Uber, Secret, Pierre Omidyar, Surveillance Valley, Techtopus and the rest. Lines open a little after 11am and will stay open as long as the show lasts.

But there's more. As Mark, Chris and I started planning the show, we remembered just how much we miss producing live radio, particularly call-in radio. It seems like a shame to get the team back together for just five hours. Also, we're now within striking distance of the maximum funding total for the NSFWCORP book, which is just ridiculous, and will allow us to include all kinds of bonus features and gimmicks to the ebook, paperback and hardback editions.

So, we decided to bring back another old favorite NSFWCORP feature: the ability for listeners to pledge additional money to extend the show, with all contributors going to the crowdfunding campaign. In return, contributors get all kinds of fun (and increasingly strange as the show goes on) on-air rewards. As of the time of writing, pre-show contributions total almost $6k, which equates to around six and a half hours of showtime.

The toll-free studio number is 877 959-6739. Alternatively you can email [email protected] or follow @nsfwlive. Or just enjoy the show, starting at 11am.

In the meantime, in case you've absolutely no idea what NSFWCORP was (or need a reminder), here's a quick blast from the past...