Red Canary mixes technology and human intuition to help companies fight cyber threats

By Pando Staff , written on March 26, 2015

From The News Desk

Many cybersecurity companies are racing to create the most innovative technology to track, watch, and hopefully prevent cyber attacks. A recently launched company, however, is taking more of an old school approach to protecting data and ensuring the safety of computer networks.

Virginia-based security company Kyrus, which was founded by a group of former employees from intelligence and defense contractor ManTech, and which developed a highly-regarded end point security company Carbon Black, is betting heavily on a newly-unveiled cyber startup called Red Canary which offers a unique mix of advanced technology and human threat detection.

Most recent cyber attacks, like last year’s Target data breach, occurred because of the lack of oversight of all potential security threats and the need for detected “false positives” to be examined along with real malicious behavior. Red Canary uses an array of end point security tactics and partners with existing products, including Bit 9 + Carbon Black and Farsight Security, to find potential attacks. But the company also assigns its own human security analysts to assess the validity of cyber threats. According to the company's co-founder and CEO Brian Beyer, tools like Farsight’s technology and Threat Recon have never been applied to end-point security in the manner Red Canary does.

Built for enterprise customers, Red Canary’s all-in-one security solution flags potential threats that are then analyzed by vetted security experts who can alert customers and give guidance for an appropriate response.

Incubated by Kyrus like Carbon Black -- which was eventually acquired by the soon-to-IPO Bit9 -- Colorado-based Red Canary is coming out of stealth as its own standalone company and with $2.5 million in funding from Kyrus.

“The interest from Kyrus came from the fact that we could provide great value to the defense and intel community doing cyber security work that most companies don’t have the expertise to do,” said Red Canary chief executive Beyer.

The appeal of the company's product is both the human layer of threat detection and the all-in-one mix of proprietary and industry “best-in-breed” technologies.

“Our customers won't have to make 15 end point decisions over the next three years," Beyer said. "They’ll just have to make one and that's Red Canary."

[photo by Maja Dumat]