Can it be true? Tellspec claims it has (re)started shipping beta devices

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on June 29, 2016

From The "You know, for kids" Desk

If you've been following our coverage of "miracle" "food" "scanner" Tellspec, you'll know the company has succeeded in delivering little more than disappointment (to its army of Indiegogo backers) and threatened lawsuits (against us). 

When we last updated the saga two months ago, the company had delayed shipping of its beta devices yet again, citing unspecified manufacturing problems. 

Now there's finally some good (alleged) news: According to Tellspec's Indiegogo page, the beta devices, promised more than two years ago, are finally shipping again! 

We are pleased to announce that we have resolved the factory calibration issue and that we have started to ship beta units to our all our beta testers once again.

Now, it's important to remember how many times the company has intentionally misled the world up until now. Just because Tellspec says it's shipping devices doesn't mean it actually is. And indeed, as of the time of writing, a search for "Tellspec beta" on Twitter reveals a grand total of zero tweets from anyone who claims to have received the device that the company says began shipping two weeks ago. Perhaps those lucky recipients are so awestruck by the gadget's brilliance that they have been unable to tweet about it. 

More importantly, the devices are (allegedly) only being sent to a very small group of beta testers, not the people who backed the Indiegogo campaign, and certainly not anyone who has pre-ordered the device on Tellspec's website. Those people will have to keep hoping, waiting and wishing.

Still, if by some miracle Tellspec is telling the truth this time, there might finally be some "working" foodscanners in the wild soon. If you're one of the lucky recipients, we'd love to know if they've actually managed to make the thing work. [email protected] 

Of course, I'll update this post if there's any independent evidence the shipment actually happened.