Earlier this week I shared my concerns about Facebook as a blogging platform. Specifically the here today, gone tomorrow nature of the thing. 

Why would anyone in their right mind trust their words to something so hard to navigate, and so fond of banning its users for arbitrary reasons? 

I promised to post any reader responses here on Pando, and was expecting a mixed bag of agreement and insistence that I just didn't get it. Curiously, I got a lot of the former, but absolutely none of the latter. Nobody - even people who know Facebook very well - could give me a good answer as to why anyone would use Facebook to blog. 

The response that best summed up the concensus came from Matt Mullenweg who, of course, is the co-founder of Wordpress. Mullenweg responded to my assertion that "posting on Facebook guarantees your posts will be seen and shared more widely than a standalone Wordpress blog ever will..."