Back in March of this year, former WeWork employee Tara Zoumer filed suit against her former bosses for wrongful termination after she was fired for refusing to sign a restrictive new employment contract.

The contract denies WeWork-ers the right to sue the company for any ill-treatment suffered at work, and instead forces them into arbitration. According to Zoumer, most of her colleagues signed the new contract under duress. Those who signed, she says, fell into one of three categories:

Those who didn’t know the implications of what they were signing, those who felt they had no choice, and those who financially couldn’t afford to make any other decision.

Shortly after Zoumer filed her suit, WeWork filed a Petition to Compel Arbitration in New York. That petition was granted by a New York Judge, forcing Zoumer into the exact arbitration process she had been fired over. 

As Zoumer puts it...