Jeff Jones just quit, Google's lawyers are getting closer, a successful IPO seems like a distant fantasy and god only knows what scandal will emerge next.

Predicting how Travis Kalanick will respond to Uber's towering pile of disasters is like predicting what could happen if a wild goose suddenly found itself locked overnight in a mortuary. Endless possibilties, but none of them good.

The latest suggestion, buried in this BBC story and citing two sources, is that after finding a safe new COO, Kalanick plans to oversee an orderly transfer of power before stepping down as CEO. On the list of outcomes this one seems as unlikely to me as the goose sweeping the the morgue floor before waddling calmly for the door... but this is the BBC so we have to at least entertain the possibility it's true.

Here are just a few of the questions naturally stemming from Kalanick resigning just as a new COO arrives...