A little after nine o’clock this past Saturday evening, a crowd of bright young things fell silent, and J. Brad Carrick stepped onto a foldable dance floor at the W Hotel at 3rd and Howard.

Mic in hand, the host of SOMA's most talked about "Startup Mingle and Lingerie fashion show" was keen to “get this party started.” But first, he had something to get off his chest.

 “I don’t know how many of you read the news,” he began, the slight against millennial curiosity presumably unintentional. “But there have been some people saying that this event is sexist. And, sure, all publicity is good publicity, but this is something we take very seriously. Obviously, they have no idea who we are or what this event is about.” 

“If they were really investigative journalists, they’d be here,” he added as a newspaper reporter in the crowd silently unsheathed her notebook...