It’s essentially vying to be another great social network, while Twitter and Pinterest struggle to grow, LinkedIn has already sold, and even Facebook is moving its bets on the future into mobile chat. It has not spent money to gain hypergrowth, like so many so-called “unicorns” in Silicon Valley.

And unlike Snap, it believes it will build a sizable business by building something that can be used for everyone. It values the 15 year old who may be looking for a babysitting gig, as much as the 90 year old grandma on the block. It is inherently anti-viral; it’s content not even relevant from neighborhood to neighborhood.

That graph above may make clear why it also doesn’t have meaningful competition.

Nextdoor’s CEO and co-founder, Nirav Tolia, is also not a young 20-something founder. He’s a guy in his 40’s who has failed plenty, and has three young kids at home.

I caught up with Tolia recently to talk about the company’s early days, it’s being out of sync with Valley all around him, and the company’s recent scandals around racial profiling happening on the site.....