The best thing I can say about yesterday’s revelation that WeWork is starting an elementary school is…

...well, at least Uber isn’t starting an elementary school.

WeWork isn’t as bad as Uber, but it’s had its share of scandals, whether it’s misclassifying workers so that they can’t get overtime, aggressively and litigiously going after critics, including evicting a tenant for suggesting in a Medium post WeWork’s churn was increasing.

And of course, there’s the matter of WeWork’s absurd valuation. They’ve stopped even coming up with business-sounding rationales for their gazillion dollars per desk post-SoftBank valuation.

The Bloomberg story made clear, a WeWork-inspired elementary school is intended to be exactly what it sounds like:

“In my book, there’s no reason why children in elementary schools can’t be launching their own businesses,” Rebekah Neumann said in an interview. She thinks kids should develop their passions and act on them early, instead of waiting to grow up to be “disruptive,” as the entrepreneurial set puts it.

There are three main reasons I’d never put my kids in any startup’s elementary school...