I keep getting asked to write something about Uber’s latest scandal: Its massive hack affecting some 57 million users, and its cover up of that attack.

The second shoe: New Valley golden boy Dara Khosrowshahi knew about it.

After initially saying “none of this” should have happened and he “[wouldn’t] make excuses for [the breach and the cover-up,” the Journal reported that Khosrowshahi knew about it all and played his own role in the cover-up by telling Softbank, but not his users.

Just so we’re clear: Uber’s absolute and total disdain for the real people that make it money-- whether the drivers who are reportedly developing bladder conditions because they have to hold their urine so long and drive so many hours to make a living wage, the women allegedly raped using the service and then targeted by the company for speaking out, the journalists still delusional enough to use a service that’s been caught spying on them, or the users whose privacy was again treated casually-- continues on with its new CEO. You know, the one who reports to the “ousted” former CEO who still controls the board.

Beyond that, what to say that we haven’t said already...