I have been #longLA since before it was a hashtag, and definitely since before LA had its own consumer Internet decacorn. One of Pando’s first hires was Michael Carney to focus on the LA ecosystem. And he was so good at it, he got poached away to be a VC.

I was also long Snapchat way back when everyone else was dismissing it as a sexting app. And yet, I’m not sure the relationship between Snap and LA’s tech cred is as Hollywood ending as it may seem.

Don’t get me wrong: Even if Snap fades into being a new Twitter, it has been good for LA. It will pole-vault LA into one of the most desirable tech ecosystems, with talent, thousands of rich angel investors, and most of all a proof point that you can build one of the largest consumer Internet companies of the mobile messaging era in LA.

But one could argue that LA wasn’t all that good for Snap...