We’re not quite ready to let International Women’s Day go yet.

We spend so much time writing about the bro-forces trying to keep women out of the tech world. This week, we wanted to honor a few of the backstories of some of our favorite badass women we’ve interviewed over the years.

Ann Miura-Ko, partner Floodgate

AMK: I remember there was a point in time when my mom said that I should learn to sew. She brings out her sewing machine. I refused to do it, but I said I wanted to take it apart.

My dad actually took it apart with me and showed what was inside, so that I knew what was going on when a sewing machine sewed. My dad bought us a PCjr when I was probably six or seven years old. The first thing I wanted to know was what was inside. He just took it apart for me, so I could see what was inside...