Latest articles Monday July 27, 2015

  1. Why most of the Valley was plain wrong about Asia (To the tune of some $15b)

    Nothing in the emerging world is going to pattern-match the US— including venture capital.

    By Sarah Lacy

    From the Money desk

  2. Pandoland 2015: Country musician Annie Bosko shares the path to success in traditionally male-dominated industries

    Says the situation for women in county music is “At an all-time low… It’s worse than it’s ever been.”

    By Paul Carr

    From the Music desk

  3. What to do when you have “A Good Problem to Have”

    Coming soon: A Pando webinar with Andy Dunn, Phil Libin and Andy McLoughlin.

  1. Omidyar Network hires "brand consultancy" to figure out why journalists keep writing mean stories about it

    What's the big deal about microfinance suicides and foreign coups anyway?

    By Paul Carr

    From the Facepalm desk

  2. MTV’s “White People” isn’t half as provocative as you think

    (Which is why it’s so radical and subversive)

    By David Holmes

    From the White People desk

  3. Congrats on your independence, PayPal! (I give it two years)

    An asset so nice, I bet it's acquired twice.

    By Sarah Lacy

    From the Money desk

  4. Agencies vs. Publishers vs. Tech: Who Owns the Future of Content Marketing?

    The question isn't: Will content marketing revolutionize the ad and publishing industry?"It's: Who will rule, and who will get eaten?

    By Shane Snow

    From the Guest Posts desk

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