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  1. press-release

    Kleiner partners respond to judgement in Pao trial with two line, gloaty statement

    This press statement just landed in my inbox from Kleiner, moments after the jury delivered their final verdict exonerating the firm from any discrimination against Ellen Pao. The email says the statement should be “attributed to the partners of KPCB.” “Today’s verdict reaffirms that Ellen Pao’s claims have no legal merit. We are grateful to the jury for its careful examination of the facts. There is no question gender diversity in the workplace is an important issue. KPCB remains committed to supporting women…
  3. pao-kleiner-perkins-trial

    LIVE: Pao/Kleiner jurors explain how they reached their verdict

    Right now, Judge Kahn is asking jurors in the Kleiner vs Pao case to explain why they reached their verdict. Dan Raile is in court for Pando and is documenting those explanations. Here they are, updated as they come in live from the courtroom. Dan’s full report of the day’s events will be filed later. Kahn: “Clearly the burning question is why you did you reach the verdict you did. If you are comfortable I invite you to answer with moderation…
  4. EPaoLowRes

    Let’s try that again: Despite flip-flopping jury, Pao loses Kleiner suit on all counts (definitely this time)

    Earlier this afternoon, in a final twist, the judge in the Pao vs Kleiner trial ordered the jury to go back and try again to reach a majority verdict after confusion over juror votes. A jury aiming to understand what really drives one of the world’s most powerful venture first apparently foiled by basic math. But no matter! A few moments ago, that same jury returned, this time promising that they definitely — absolutely — no doubt about it — have reached…
  5. Drip Drop

    DripDrop is a rare startup that actually saves lives

    Plenty of startups claim to be changing the world. But how many can truly deliver on that promise by saving lives? DripDrop, which offers a truly disruptive, medical-grade oral rehydration system can claim just that. After less than two years in the market, the product is now used by professional and elite amateur athletes, military and first responders, and in disaster relief and mainstream hospital settings. But despite these high-intensity use cases, DripDrop is a simple powdered beverage mix…
  7. Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 3.14.15 PM

    After a crazy day, Meerkat founder says “I want to be in India, I want to be on Jimmy Fallon… I want to be everywhere”

    Yesterday was quite a day for Meerkat founder Ben Rubin. First, his company announced that it had raised money from Greylock Ventures and a bunch of other venture funds, many with connections to the entertainment industry: Lorne Michaels-connected Broadway Video Ventures, Universal Music Group,  and Comcast Ventures. Then, later yesterday morning, Twitter, which served as a conduit through which Meerkat quickly gained widespread popularity, unveiled Periscope, its own live-feed application, described by some as a Meerkat killer. When you…
  8. Hammerbacher_MG_5470_sponsor-web

    Cloudera’s Jeff Hammerbacher on the ugly underbelly of Silicon Valley’s startup culture

    Jeff Hammerbacher actually had to fly to San Francisco for his PandoMonthly last month. The former Facebook mafia “data god” and Cloudera co-founder made his name and fortune in the Valley, but he’s since moved to New York. Part of that was for an opportunity at Mount Sinai Hospital. But part of it was also that he was just done with the Valley’s hypergrowth startup game– as much as he’d profited off of it. In this clip of our fireside chat,…
  9. pao-kleiner-perkins-trial

    Oh boy. Jury sent back out in Pao trial, court in recess

        “At this point I am going to ask you to resume your deliberations. I am unable to record the verdict, i will speak to the lawyers outside of your presence and very possibly ask you to come back in, but in the meantime you must talk amonst yourself about Ms. Pao’s fourth claim.” A final — or maybe not final — twist in the Ellen Pao vs Kleiner trial. The judge in the case has just sent the…
  11. pando-breaking-news-small

    Here’s the verdict form from Pao v. Kleiner Perkins

    Recode has published the verdict form jurors were tasked with filling out as they sought to determine the end to Ellen Pao’s gender discrimination suit against Kleiner Perkins. It’s available at the source. [Source: Recode]
  12. EPaoLowRes

    BREAKING: Jury finds in favor of Kleiner in Pao vs Kleiner trial

    BREAKING… (Previously.) After two days of deliberation, the jury in the Ellen Pao v. Kleiner Perkins Caulfield Byers trial has emerged to deliver its verdict. Even though many reporters, including myself, expected Kleiner to win, the verdict, when it came, still caused audible shock in the courtroom. Over the course of the four-week trial, the jury was persuaded by attorney/s for Kleiner that Pao was not discriminated against by her former employer, and that her termination and lack of promotion were…
  14. Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 1.45.15 PM

    Why digital media conferences are a waste of time for everybody involved

    In 2011, I attended my first-ever “new media conference” — and with any luck, it will also be my last. As a student who knew even less about the industry than I do today, I dutifully sat through panel after panel of thought leaders and thinkfluencers, idea merchants and innovationists, who all fancied themselves prophets of the digital revolution. At the time, I was impressed by this army of business-casual Shingys, who newsjacked my mindshare with such immersive jargonizing. But four years later, were these future-of-media prognosticators right about anything?…
  15. Got Slack

    Slack reveals February data breach

    Slack has announced that its customers’ usernames, passwords, and email addresses were compromised by hackers who broke into the company’s internal servers. In response, Slack has added two-factor authentication along with a feature that allows team leaders to force employees to reset their passwords and log back into the service. The company said it detected suspicious activity on “a very small number of Slack accounts” and it “notified the individual users and team owners who we believe were impacted and are…
  16. flag

    Ten red flags on the GoDaddy IPO

    Barring any eleventh-hour surprises, GoDaddy will launch an IPO sometime next week. Ten months after it filed its first prospectus, the domain-registration and web-hosting company hopes to price its shares between $17 and $19 each. The midrange figure of $18 a share would raise $396 million and value the company at $2.7 billion. Even if GoDaddy isn’t expected to be the hottest tech IPO this year, it’s still notable because of the high number of red flags that…
  18. showmethemoney

    Meet the apps hoping to be the Fitbit for your financial fitness

    Everyone wants something different from the quantified self movement. Some delight in learning more about themselves; others want to use all that data to improve their lives. Members of the latter group are often disappointed. But that doesn’t mean the quantified self movement can’t lead to self improvement. Just ask the people behind Level, a finance app, and Digit, a text message-based service that aims to help consumers build their savings. Level makes it easier for people to…
  19. elsewhere

    EU to consolidate rules, open antitrust probe into e-commerce sector

    The European Union plans to “dump the patchwork of 28 different rules that currently govern the continent’s technology sector” and replace them with a single, unified market, according to the Courthouse News Service. It will also open an antitrust probe into Europe’s e-commerce sector. [Source: Courthouse News Service]
  20. hack

    Why aren’t law firms required to disclose when they’ve been hacked?

    Citigroup has warned against trusting sensitive information to law firms, which aren’t required to reveal data breaches and often cover them up. The New York Times viewed a copy of the report published by Citigroup’s cyber-intelligence center, which works to identify threats before they can affect financial institutions and their customers. Key among its findings was: Due to the reluctance of most law firms to publicly discuss cyberintrusions and the lack of data breach reporting requirements in general…

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