Latest articles Tuesday July 7, 2015

  1. Memo to VCs: Not every site with gargantuan traffic is destined to be a billion dollar public company

    Reddit was one of the best comeback stories of the user generated Web. Why couldn’t that be enough?

    By Sarah Lacy

    From the Disruption desk

  2. Airbnb on the ballot

    San Francisco residents will soon get to vote on the future of home sharing in the city. And Airbnb isn't happy.

    By Dan Raile

    From the Sharing Economy desk

  3. Trump doubles down on racism, so let's look at some numbers

    Not only is Trump a despicable racist, he’s also flat-out wrong.

    By David Holmes

    From the Equality desk

  4. There is a market for every idea: Tablelist is banking on the VIP nightlife and DJ scene

    “I don’t think a lot of people realize how much money there is in this industry.”

    By Dennis Keohane

    From the Party desk

  1. Ron Conway and friends help expose vile government conspiracy to mock George Lucas

    Conway, Jobs, Lucas and others reveal second worst example of secret Bay Area collusion ever.

    By Dan Raile

    From the Museumtopus desk

  2. Twitter, Microsoft, Reddit: Imagining Aaron Sorkin's next great tech screenplays

    How would other classic tech tales look filtered through Sorkin’s wordplay-damaged worldview?

  3. A new study flies in the face of everything we know about the music industry. Because it’s wrong

    A new study tries, and fails, to prove that people totally want to pay for music.

    By David Holmes

    From the Music desk

  4. Let’s face it: Uber IS the sharing economy

    In money, valuation, media, customer counts, and lobbying efforts, Uber has out-spent, out-schemed, and out-dominated everyone, forever twisting what “sharing” means in Silicon Valley.

    By Sarah Lacy

    From the Travis Shrugged desk

  5. FiberTree and GameWisp: Meet two unsung stars of Pandoland 2015

    What happens when every car on the road is a one-ton moving iPhone?